About Us

As our industry is overcome by the COVID-19 pandemic, the one thing Flooring Exhibits truly believes is that we, as a whole, are in this together.  From our co-workers to our competitors, to our clients and to their families, nothing is more front and center then the need for us pull together to get through this time.

As businesses we are always competing, however, this is a time to forget about division and shift our focus to working together to protect the safety of our families and loved ones. We are continuously collaborating within our own organization to keep everyone safe, and we hope that all are doing the same thing. 

The current situation in our world is an absolute tragedy.  While there is nothing we can do at this very moment, many will triumph over this and we will get through this together and stronger than ever.  The landscape of the tradeshow industry will be changing forever when we come out the other side, but when we do please know that Flooring Exhibits will be here for you throughout it all.